order_data oders datasets that are not available for immediate download (on-demand) but need to be ordered or restored before download. Use check_availability to see which datasets need to be ordered before download.

order_data(records, wait_to_complete = FALSE, ..., verbose = TRUE)



records data frame, containing one or multiple records (each represented by one row), as returned by get_records


logical, whether to wait until all successful orders are complete and available for download. This is useful if you want to automatize subsequent downloads of placed orders.


additional, sensor-specific arguments:

  • hub, character, Copernicus Hub selection for Sentinel queries. Either

    • "auto" (default) to automatically select a suitable Copernicus hub depending on the selected products

    • "dhus" to look for operational Open Hub records only,

    • "s5p" to look for Sentinel-5P precursor pre-operational records only,

    • "GNSS" to look for GNSS RINEX records only,

    • or a valid API URL.


logical, whether to display details on the function's progress or output on the console.


A data frame of records (as defined with argument records), extended by additional columns.


To use this function, you must be logged in at the services required for your request. See the examples and login for details.