get_previews downloads and georeferences preview images per records and saves them to disk. File paths are added to the records data frame.

  dir_out = NULL,
  force = FALSE,
  as_sf = TRUE,
  verbose = TRUE



records data frame, containing one or multiple records (each represented by one row), as returned by get_records


character, a directory, to which the downloaded file(s) should be saved. By default, these are saved to the archive directory defined with set_archive.


logical, whether to force download of files already existing or not.


logical, whether records should be returned as sf data.frame or a simple data.frame. In both cases, spatial geometries are stored in column footprint.


additional, sensor-specific arguments:

  • hub, character, Copernicus Hub selection for Sentinel queries. Either

    • "auto" (default) to automatically select a suitable Copernicus hub depending on the selected products

    • "dhus" to look for operational Open Hub records only,

    • "s5p" to look for Sentinel-5P precursor pre-operational records only,

    • "GNSS" to look for GNSS RINEX records only,

    • or a valid API URL.


logical, whether to display details on the function's progress or output on the console.


A data frame of records (as defined with argument records), extended by two columns: preview_file (character, path to georeferenced preview) and preview_file_jpg (character, path to preview JPG).


To use this function, you must be logged in at the services required for your request. See the examples and login for details.